đź“Ť Unceded Coast Salish Territory
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)









I’m a lifelong observer. I hope to show you what I see that you may have missed. I also help visualize people realizing their dreams. What does yours look like?When I'm not taking photos, I'm playing on my Switch, reminiscing through hyper specific mood playlists, daydreaming about being an artisan, petting your pets and wandering around aimlessly to find my place in this world.Session Fees
Starting at $50 CAD per hour, depending on budget and scale of the project. Discussing a "pay what you can" fee is also possible. I want my photography services to be accessible while also valuing my time and effort.
I am committed to working with, supporting and highlighting women, minorities and marginalized groups whenever possible.Published
Flagrant Magazine x #WNBATwitter Issue 3
Flagrant Magazine Issue 4
Flagrant Magazine 1 / 2
Françoise Abanda 1 / 2
Local Hoops 1
protecthomecourt® 1
Sacred Hoops Book 1 / 2 / 3
UBC Women's Basketball 1 / 2

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